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By Daliah Sklar, Solicitor

If you’re an educated, young, highly skilled foreigner with a high level of English, German, or Danish—it may be possible to get a work permit for a limited period in Demark to seek employment and residency.
The Kingdom of Denmark joined the European Union on 1st of January 1973, together with Ireland and the United Kingdom. Denmark still uses a different currency called the Crone and does not use European common currency, the Euro.
Denmark is a sovereign state in Northern Europe and located south-west of Sweden, south of Norway and borders southern Germany. The population is around 5.6 million people living in a 43,000 square kilometer area.
Home to the historical Vikings, Denmark has frequently been ranked the happiest country in the world. It had the world’s highest social mobility, a high level of income equality, and the world’s highest per capita income.
Ranking 21st in the worlds GDP (PPP) per capita, Denmark has a modern, prosperous and developed mixed market economy. The World Bank has ranked Denmark the easiest place in Europe to do business.
Today, Denmark is seeking highly skilled foreigners who speak English, German, or a Norwegian language and who can show financial stability. They are granted a limited period of time to seek work in the country and then can apply for residence. Their spouse and children benefit from temporary residency as well. The spouse has full employment rights during the periods the main applicant is seeking work.
Rated the country with the highest minimum wage while still keeping a very low unemployment rate of 6.7% while the rest of Europe was soaring at 10.9%. Denmark seems like a very attractive option for a young, foreign, educated graduate to seek his future.

Average wage in Euros as a:
Software developer - €42,500
Software engineer - €43,355
SAP consultant - €52,060
Senior civil engineer – €60,000
Qualified Nurse – €50,400

Average 1 bedroom apartment inside of Copenhagen - 1,034 Euro per month
Average 1 bedroom outside of Copenhagen - 743 Euro per month

Average price per meter squared to buy apartment in city center - 4,191 Euro
Average price per meter squared to buy apartment outside of city center – 2679 Euro

DRSI Law offices specialize in the residency and Work Permit Green card Scheme to Denmark in Europe. The entire procedure can take up to 6 months and our offices shall guide you through each stage. Please feel free to contact our offices to receive eligibility test of this process on or 077-5166505.






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