Visitors Visas

B-1/B-2 Extensions: Extensions for tourist and temporary business stays. A simple procedure, it will allow you to extend your visit in the US.

Working in the US

We specialize in preparing visa applications for a variety of non-immigrant work visas, including those for investors, intra-company workers, trainees, religious workers, athletes and more. Each category has different requirements and conditions, and we will work with you on a personalized basis to find the visa thatís right for you:

L-1 Intra-company Transferee: Employed in a managerial/specialized knowledge position for at least one continuous year in the past three years; will work at a US affiliate (mutual ownership of at least 50%) in a similar function.

E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Investor: Nationals of certain treaty countries who can show that they trade a significant amount with the US (E-1 visa), or that they invest a significant amount in the US (E-2). *Note: Israeli citizens qualify for E-1 visa only.

H-1B Skilled Specialty Employment: Minimum requirement of a bachelorís degree related to the specialized field. Subject to an annual cap.

H-2B Unskilled Temporary/Seasonal Employment: No minimum requirement necessary; must prove that there are no available US workers for the position. Subject to a bi-annual cap.

** Our offices have much expertise in this particular field, especially with the recent changes in the procedures. On the surface, the process can seem a bit daunting, as it includes several steps. We are well-practiced and knowledgeable in the best ways to proceed with your case, and will give your company personal and individualized guidance. We will take care of all of the strategic steps, from placing ads in a local newspaper and workforce website, to preparing the petitions for the Department of Labor and USCIS.

O-1 Extraordinary Ability: For internationally and nationally-acclaimed persons in the field of the arts, sports, science, education, business or acting. Must prove extraordinary ability in a specific field.

P Visas: For both internationally and nationally-recognized athletes, entertainers and performers.

Q-1 Cultural Exchange: Provide cultural and historical training and employment within an approved international cultural program.

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