Green Card (Legal Permanent Residence)

A legal permanent resident (LPR) is an individual who has been approved to live and work in the US on a permanent basis. A “green card” is the proof of this status. After three-five years, depending on the situation, one can apply to be naturalized as a United States citizen.

The following are some ways to become a permanent resident and obtain a green card:

  • Family-based Sponsorship:

US citizens may sponsor their spouses, parents, children and siblings. Legal permanent residents may sponsor their spouses and children. The procedure requires eligibility documentation; proof of intention to live in the US; and finally a visa interview in the US Consulate in Jerusalem.

In addition, the ‘K’ visas allow spouses, children, fiancés and the children of fiancés to enter the US as non-immigrants, and apply for a Green Card (permanent residence status) while in the United States.

  • Employment-based Sponsorship:

US companies can sponsor current or potential employees. In addition, certain non-immigrant work visas provide a ‘fast track’ to employment-based immigrant visas petitions. Visa-holders of the following non-immigrant visas can apply for an immigrant visa: H Visa - Temporary Workers and Trainees; L Visa - Intra-company Transferees; O Visa - Applicants with Extraordinary Abilities; P Visa - Athletes, Artists and Entertainers.

  • Refugee/Asylum:

Individuals physically present in the United States who are afraid to return to their native country due to threat of persecution can petition for refugee/asylum. After one year in this status, one can apply for permanent residency.


Also known as a ‘Travel Document’, re-entry permits are required for legal permanent residents (LPRs) to enable them to return to the US after an absence of more than one year. Failure to have one could indicate that you have abandoned your US resident intention, thus preventing you from maintaining your permanent status.

You must apply for the re-entry permit while in the US, but are permitted to leave while the application is pending. You can request that the permit be issued from the US Consulate in Jerusalem.


Parents and grandparents with US citizenship can pass their citizenship on to their foreign-born children and grandchildren, depending on physical presence. With a Certificate of Citizenship, the child can apply for a US passport and a Social Security number. We will facilitate these processes, which include N-600 (over the age of 18) and N-600K (under 18).

The petitions are filed in a field office in the US, and both the child and USC parent must travel to this office for a personal interview in order for the child to receive his or her Certificate of Citizenship.





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