With vast knowledge and a highly experienced team of translators comprising of British, American and Canadian bilingual attorneys who are all members of the Israel Law Society, we strive to attain the highest standards of quality and accuracy, earning the DRSI Legal Translating Team the finest of reputation in the field of Legal translation services in Israel.

The DRSI Legal Translating Team has been producing translations for over 9 years for a range of international organizations, individuals and multinational corporations.

We have provided our translated work to law firms throughout the world, official authorities, court houses, police headquarters as well as international immigration agencies. We have covered a wide range of different matters including: passport applications; legal opinions; arbitration agreements; financial reports; police clearance; medical reports; criminal reports; court decisions etc.

We have an in-house Notary Public if required, and can provide Apostil services through the local court house.

We are accredited as "Certified British Translators" by the British Embassy in Israel to translate from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.
You can get a "same day" price quotation, and we can start to work on your project the same day that it is sent to us.

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