Getting Married in the UK - Marriage Visa to UK

Many foreigners dream of marrying in a typical English wedding scene. The church bells, the red carpet, and the famous organ tune “Here Comes the Bride”.

It may be that in your country, two different religions may not be permitted to marry, or that you are a same-sex [] couple or that you don’t want your family to know you secretly eloped.
Whether your loved one is a U.K. citizen or not, the U.K. authorities will simply not allow you to fulfill your dream prior to requesting a specific marriage visa for UK beforehand from the British Embassy in your home country.

Many foreigners are unaware of the requirement for a UK marriage visa and are turned away at the airport or after entering the U.K. when they then discover that they cannot apply for a marriage license without demonstrating they hold the correct visa for marriage in UK.
A visitor visa for the purpose of marriage or civil partnership can be granted for a total duration of 6 months and cannot be extended.

The applicant should provide sufficient proof he can financially maintain himself and his family members during the stay, can meet the cost of return journey home, proof that they intend to marry in the UK and have made the correct marriage license preparation, and prove that they intend to leave the country and return home after the marriage.

The applicant is not allowed to work in the UK, produce goods, or any services, study, receive private medical treatment or do any activities permitted to a sports, business, or entertainer visitor.
The UK Border Agency or Consular fees amount to $129 USD per applicant for a Marriage Visitor Visa and the process can take between 10-15 days. You will have to leave your passport in the embassy during this time.

D. Sklar Law Offices specializes in UK Citizenship & Immigration Law and will guide you throughout the marriage visa in UK procedure to ensure that the bureaucracy does not turn your wedding plans into a nightmare.





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