Our first consultation has two parts: a requisite phone conversation, followed by a meeting at our offices.

The preliminary phone conversation, at no expense, is our way of dedicating the time to you to initially understand the key elements of your individual situation. It gives us a feel for the circumstances, and allows us to determine whether or not there is a basis for a case. If it is concluded that there is, we will set schedule a personal appointment with you at our Ramat Gan offices.

At this meeting, we will discuss your case in more detail. Together, we will weigh your options, strategize on the best manner in which to proceed and find out which method is right for you. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages, and give you a realistic processing timeline. We will also go over the required government fees attached to each step of the application.

At the end of our meeting, we will discuss our professional fees and payment options. As soon as you sign the Letter of Engagement, we will begin to work on your case.

This first meeting costs $350 USD + VAT. This amount is deducted from the Legal fees of the case, should you decide to commence working on your case that day. We recommend bringing copies of necessary documentation, such as all valid passports and visas issued, birth certificates, resume, diplomas/certificates and marriage/divorce certificates, and any immigration history that may be relevant to your case.







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