Electronic I-94 Cards – Tourists to USA

As of May 2013 the I-94 form, that every tourist who enters the USA, receives upon arrival to the US is now electronic. No more white cards stapled to your passport. No more illegible dates scribbled in. No more spelling mistakes on your name. No more loosing your card and filing long expensive procedures to renew your card. It's all electronic. The USCIS have arrived to the era of 2013.
Land border entries from Canada and Mexico do still require the paper I-94, but that will soon change too.

Upon arrival to the U.S. by air or sea, the non-immigrant traveler's arrival/departure information will be gathered by the agency automatically from the traveler’s electronic record making it redundant for the visitor to fill out the paper Form I-94. This automation will make the entry process easier for travelers, facilitate security and reduce both federal costs and millions of wasted trees that produced this paper ever year.

Foreign visitors to the U.S arriving via sea or air who need to prove their legal-visitor status—to employers, schools/universities or government agencies—are able to access their U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrival/departure record information online see:

With the new CBP process, a Customs and Boarder Protection officer will stamp the travel document of each arriving non-immigrant traveler. The admission stamp shows the date of admission, class of admission, and until what date the traveler is admitted. Record number and other admission information is available at the Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) site. Travelers will receive on arrival a flier alerting them to go to CBP.gov/I94 for their admission record information. 

If upon entry you received a paper I-94 you will use this upon exiting. If you did not receive a paper I-94 then you are now part of the electronic process, the CBP will record the departure electronically via manifest information provided by the aircraft carrier, ship or by CBP.

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