E 2 Investor Work Visa for Israeli Citizens Who is really procrastinating this?

The Nonimmigrant Treaty Investor visa to the USA, is a reciprocal agreement that is treaty based. This means that the treaty country has signed an agreement with the United States to permit the same benefits to American citizens, investing in their country.

Israeli nationals have become very anxious and excited that after 64 years of friendship and commercial trade with the United States, eventually the US Congress has permitted the State of Israel to be added to the list of over 80 countries.

Some countries have been treaty members since 1931, such as Austria and even Liberia. There are over 80 countries that have signed the treaty, and some countries even include their territory states such as France. France entered into a treaty in December 21, 1960 permitting all nationals of France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Reunion to benefit from investing in the US.

The basis of the work visa lies in the fact that a country has entered into a relationship with the United States to enhance and facilitate economic and commercial interaction between the two States.

What is the E2 in fact? It is a classification of a type of "temporary non immigrant Work Permit" that permits a national of a treaty country to work legally in the United States in accordance to the requirements and conditions of the Law.

The multiple entry work visa lasts for durations of between two-five years, and can be extended repeatedly, so long as the national continues investing in the commercial organization in the US, creating job opportunities and profiting.

One needs to ask themselves, what is the reason that the State of Israel has not been signed up to this treaty agreement till today?

In 2010, there was over $ 36.9 Billion Dollars of trade between Israel and the United States. Between 2000-2010, direct investment by the Israeli national to the US amounted to over $ 58.5 Billion Dollars.

Israel is among the U.S.s 10 largest export markets per capita. Despite a population of only 8 million people Israel is among the U.S.s 24 largest export markets by value, ahead of countries such as Russia, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Argentina.

Who is not trying to promote allowing the Israeli national who is already investing and trading with the USA to be permitted a work permit in the US?

In February 2012, Californian Congressman Howard L Berman introduced a Bill named H.R.3992 to Congress, called the Berman Bill, that proposed to add Israel to the list of countries eligible for E-2 Nonimmigrant Investor visa status. It passed the House in a 371-0 vote and was officially signed by President Obama on June 11, 2012.

However, the US Embassy in Israel will not agree to process this work visa for the Israeli national see direct quotation from the E1/E2 Unit at the US Embassy Israel - "the implementation of this visa category will not be effective until the terms and conditions of the final agreement are determined between the two countries, including providing a reciprocal visa status for American investors in Israel".

If we read the The Berman Bill H.R. 3992 - it reads, " A BILL To allow otherwise eligible Israeli nationals to receive E-2 non immigrant visas if similarly situated United States nationals are eligible for similar non immigrant status in Israel. "

"a reciprocal visa status for American investors in Israel??" Is the Israeli Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor preparing to introduce a scheme to Israel? Is the Population and Immigration Authority (Reshut Uchlusin and Hagira) of the Ministry of Interior preparing to enact Law to permit American citizens to live and work in Israel further to investing in an Israeli company?

Where this issue stands is questionable?

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