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Who We Are

D. Sklar Law Offices specializes in Global Immigration law. DRSI LAW was founded in 2005 by Adv. Daliah Sklar, a graduate of University of Manchester Law School, a licensed member of both the Israel and UK Bar Associations, a member of the Israel-British Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Immigration Lawyers Practitioners Association (ILPA).
Our clients receive personal, attentive and diligent attention, given with the highest level of professionalism. Located in the new Business Center of Bnei Brak, the office does not face geographic restrictions, and represents clients both from Israel and around the world. We have a distinct advantage in that English is the mother tongue of all of our team members.

Areas of Activity
Our office is unique in the focused, professional and personalized legal assistance we give in the different immigration processes of a variety of countries (specifically the UK and the United States). We offer several services, including work and relocation visas for individuals and companies; establishing foreign companies, both new ones and the purchase of already existing ones; and citizenship and other issues related to foreign citizenship, citizen rights and second passports. Our office provides solutions to every international immigration difficulty which can arise.
We are also able to respond to different tax-related questions, through specialty accountants with whom we maintain a close association. Their office is located in London, and can assist those clients who need their service. Our office also represents foreign companies which want to expand into Israel and/or assume senior positions at existing Israeli companies.
Our office has cooperative partnerships with law firms around the world, including Commonwealth of Dominica, Paraguay and Austria and we are prepared to offer you special legal services in those countries. We have had much success in mediating partnership negotiations between Israeli and foreign companies. It is our general office policy to ensure the best interests of our clients.

Why Us?
Our office is recognized as one with a high work ethic, uncompromising professionalism and which provides personal attention to each petition. Inasmuch as we are aware of the extreme importance of an immigration or work visa application, and of the tremendous significance the success or failure of these issues have on the lives of our clients, we treat each case as if it was our own.
We are well-versed on the most current relevant legislation in each of the countries in which we offer services, and maintain valuable contacts with the different immigration authorities.
We are aware of the fact that our clients have a range of needs, and we therefore give each one individualized attention. Our professional and loyal staff has much experience, and offers the best possible assistance during each stage of the process. It gives individual, personal and professional support to each of our clients.

Our Services include:

  • Evaluating eligibility for visas/immigration

  • Informing the client as to the most updated regulations

  • Examining alternative visa options

  • Offering optional strategies

  • Assistance in locating all necessary documents

  • Preparing and submitting the application to the proper authorities

  • Working with the destination country's representatives in Israel

  • Working with the proper immigration authorities in the country of destination.

And more…

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